How many times have you stayed in a hotel and thought it was stylishly furnished? And how many times have you found yourself thinking the exact opposite?

Of course, when it comes to aesthetics, we are all influenced by our own personal taste and it’s no different for furniture. Nevertheless, there are objective characteristics that generally result in us appreciating or turning our noses up at the environment we stay in, even for just one night.

Hotel furniture is essential to ensure guests have a pleasant experience and generate word of mouth: that priceless life blood that can make or break an establishment.

Let's take a look at how important designer furniture is in defining the identity of an accommodation facility and how to get it right without wasting valuable time.

Hotel furniture that’s right for your clientele and establishment type

The first thing to do when you wish to design or refurbish a hotel is to think about the type of clientele your establishment is trying to attract.

For example, choosing furniture for a seaside hotel that caters to families is very different from a downtown establishment aimed mainly at wealthy businessmen. The former must focus on solid furniture, which is simple to clean and offers modular flexibility to suit the number of family members. The latter can focus on extremely functional furniture of significant value that enhance the sense of prestige.

In both cases, designer furniture is the right choice. Your choice shouldn’t be guided by apparent cost savings, not even in the case of a typical holiday hotel. Buying poor quality furniture is false economy and will ultimately mean you’ll end up replacing it more often. And then there’s the reputational risk that shouldn’t be underestimated: your clients may form the impression that you’re neglecting your premises.

It’s necessary to make the best use of the budget available when choosing furniture for a hotel and never skimp on the quality of the workmanship and materials.

Not only does the hotel furniture have to be suitable for the type of guests, but it must also fit in harmoniously with the style of the establishment itself. A bed & breakfast has different needs from a farmhouse, just as a 5-star hotel has different characteristics from a hotel in a tourist resort.

Whatever the case, what’s inside a premises needs to be a logical extension of what a guest’s expectations were before entering. Or alternatively, the style needs to be so entirely different from a client’s expectations that it comes as a pleasant surprise.

Also in this case, what makes the difference is the design of the furniture chosen and the aesthetic sensitivity brought to bear when positioning it.

Contract furniture solves your problems

Contract furniture doesn’t mean simply supplying furniture for a hotel or other business premises (restaurants, conference rooms, offices) but a contract where the contracted company manages every aspect of the design project and subsequent installation of the furniture.

This solution simplifies an owner or hotel manager’s life enormously, because everything is entrusted to professionals who take charge of all aspects regarding the furniture as well as managing time and budget constraints in the best way possible.

Depending on the type of agreement, the contractor can manage every aspect of the preparation of the premises, from all systems right down to the last detail, or alternatively they can take charge of just one specific part, for example, just the furniture. In the latter case we’re referring to interior contractors.

The advantages of using contract hotel furniture are significant:

  • You save time searching for information
  • You eliminate costly mistakes caused by making the wrong choices
  • You can view personalised project requirements
  • You get ongoing assistance from professionals
  • You can enjoy optimal balance between available budget and quality of outcome

The large spaces within a hotel can become a major problem for the lay interior designer. That’s why the contract option is preferred by the vast majority of hospitality establishments wishing totally change their furniture, as well as those seeking to refurbish just a part of it.

At Albaplus we provide full contract services for furnishing hotels, restaurants, shops and offices. Visit the dedicated page on our website and contact us to take your project to the next level.