Furnishing a new or recently renovated home is a delicate task, as there are many variables to keep in mind, chiefly personal taste and the needs of those sharing the living space.

Finding the perfect furniture for a hotel, bar, or restaurant is an adventure filled with obstacles to tackle for those managing public spaces, but there are smart solutions that save money and time.


Let’s check out some tips for choosing modern designer furniture.

Italian furniture design: trust experience.

On the market, there are numerous furniture pieces that are made in Italy, but with such a vast ocean of options, we really need to know how to fish out the quality ones.

One of the first things to keep in mind when embarking on a search, is to closely assess the designer furniture company.

Identifying a company with a solid history well rooted in the furniture sector is certainly a good place to start.

Attention to evolving technologies, materials research, constant focus on quality production are pillars for a company that wants to be appreciated internationally.

Today, it’s also very important to keep an eye on the environment. The environment is part of Albaplus’ mission; indeed, tables and chairs are made with sustainability in mind:

When designing, making and selling, we take a lot of care in finding the proper balance between satisfaction and sustainability”.

When designing the furnishing for one’s home or establishment, it is truly important to do some research on the reputation of the furniture maker we wish to buy from as well.

Let’s not forget that we can contact the manufacturers for direct information and estimates.

How to understand whether the Italian furniture is high quality.

Italian furniture is renowned throughout the world for its beauty and style that only the “Made in Italy” label can evoke.

Appearance is the first feature that grips a buyer, but it shouldn’t be the only element we rely on for a wise purchase.

A restaurant-owner purchasing fifty beautiful designer chairs who later realises they are uncomfortable or not very durable finds himself in quite the predicament.

Quality Italian furniture is:

  • Designed to be comfortable.
  • Built with durable materials.
  • Well-finished.

A furnishing supplier should provide warranties and always be available to the client to meet their every need.

Have you given a thought to contract furniture?

To get that modern designer furniture that really kicks things up a notch, we can use a service that includes the help of experts, from design to implementation.

By choosing contract furniture we get the full support of the company, which will provide tailored solutions.

Wondering how to enrich a restaurant, pub, theatre, museum, or store with the right furnishing is no longer a source of stress.

Each project must be developed by the company’s experts following the client’s indications and accentuating the character of the location being furnished.

Attention to every detail is especially important when creating settings for the HoReCa and Commercial sectors, but it should not be overlooked when working on a home either.

If you need a trusted partner for your furnishing, come by to learn more about Albaplus.