The versatility of some furnishing elements lets us use them in a variety of environments, giving them a specific character.

A modern armchair is the classic example of an item that can be used in countless settings while always meeting the need for comfort with an eye on style.


With a little creativity and a lot of attention, we can choose armchairs that make a difference in home furnishings, local venues and commercial activities.

A designer armchair changes the character of a room.

It’s almost a given that an armchair will be found in a living room, perhaps next to a sofa, but in other settings, this furnishing item can become a precise message that says something about the personality of the homeowners.

A small armchair with a retro flair placed in the bedroom next to a small, old, restored table becomes the element that enhances a vanity set.


The same chair with a vintage look placed in the quietest spot in a bar can become an iconic element that will stay in customers’ memories. If, in addition to being beautiful, the armchair is comfy as well, then satisfaction will be complete and there will be a queue to sit in that corner of the venue.

Armchairs with sober lines can also be used to highlight a particular table at a prestigious restaurant, or to create a spot for relaxing at a hotel suite.

A single designer armchair at a store can highlight the sophistication of the products being sold, such as shoes and fashionable clothes.

Let’s not forget professional studios and offices where a pair of armchairs in front of the desk, matching the boss’s chair, can put people at ease and clearly demonstrate the character of the person who picked them.

The designer armchair idea developed by Albaplus.

Albaplus designers have interpreted the idea of the designer armchair and come up with a series of models that join past and present together.

Folha is the armchair that Albaplus has designed and created, and it comes in three different versions:

  • Small armchair
  • Lounge armchair
  • Lounge plus armchair

The element that inspired the designers is nature, while the features that tie all Folha models together are the structure in solid ash wood, soft colours and the irregular stitching recalling the veins of a leaf.

This type of chair is appreciated in the HoReCa sector and is particularly suited for hotels due to its extreme versatility.

The variety of versions Folha comes in can meet the taste and needs of a wide range of clients who wish to have comfy armchairs without giving up on an unmissable touch of character and personality.

The various versions of the Albaplus armchair differ in the design of the seat, type of frame, and fabric upholstering them.

Contract furnishing to dress up your venue.

If you’re designing a new lounge café, or renovating your restaurant, you can rely on contract furnishing.

When you rely on Albaplus for contract furnishing, you will have a team of experts ready to customize your project and bring it to life. We’re talking of a comprehensive service with the goal of providing perfectly furnished settings ready to be used.

If you want modern armchairs or other elements that are part of the style you wish to give to your venue, you’ll simply need to let the contractor know and you’ll get what you desire.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to get to know our company and all our designer furniture better.