During long days of work and obligations, we need to take a moment to relax – perhaps even more than one.

A coffee break, an informal lunch, a family dinner, enjoying a nice film on the telly – in all these routine situations where we try to leave our worries behind, we’re eating and drinking.

A modern coffee table next to an armchair or in front of a sofa or a large designer table, can be the right asset to enjoy a well-deserved break as much as possible.

A designer table for an aperitif with friends.

For many, this is a daily ritual, for others, a treat reserved for the weekend – but for everyone, an aperitif is a moment to socialise and enjoy oneself.

We can enjoy a pre-dinner drink at home or at a favourite watering hole, but the important thing is to be with good friends for a good chin-wag, a nice bottle to crack open and, why not, a welcoming environment.

A designer table is a furnishing element that stands out and, in addition to its normal function, can be admired as a work of art.

The place we go to for an aperitif always has that special spot where we want to sit and enjoy the atmosphere as much as possible. Very likely, that corner of paradise will have a few aesthetic elements that draw us in, and especially comfortable chairs.

Modern tables and chairs thoughtfully placed inside a bar suggest an attention to detail that customers appreciate.

Which is better for a pub, a table or a modern coffee table?

There is no right answer to this question: we just need to assess the style of our pub, space, and comfort.

Coffee tables are very low and need suitable seating, which is typically armchairs and sofas, so it’s not possible to add more than one to a small bar or crowded pub without robbing it of tons of space. For sure, the feel of the home living room is charming, but those managing a pub should also think about the number of people they can host and turnover. Less space means less coming in.

Tables and chairs are always the more comfortable and rational choice. By purchasing quality Italian furniture it’s possible to convey character and style to restaurants, bars and hotels.

Contract Italian Furniture: a trusted partner for HoReCa.

It’s not always easy to design the furnishing for a pub single-handedly. Entrepreneurs in the HoReCa (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café) sector often choose contract furnishing for professional help in choosing furniture.

For those relaxing and stylish settings we mentioned, well thought-out design is very important, where all available spaces are exploited, and the needs of customers and owners are taken into consideration.

The contract company offers a complete service so you can have the furniture that you have always dreamed of without getting stressed out searching for it on your own.

Here at Albaplus, we provide contract furnishing for the following sectors: HoReCa, Commercial, Business, Living.

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