On entering a house or a restaurant, the eye is sure to fall on a wisely placed modern designer dining table. It is a pleasure to touch the surface to feel the precious material under the fingertips or to spend a few moments observing the meticulous details.

More and more often, those who choose designer tables try to enhance them by leaving them in plain sight, instead of covering them with very elaborate tablecloths or mise en places.

If you want a modern dining table that really is the furnishing centrepiece, you need to focus on important features that determine its quality.

Features of a modern Italian dining table.

Table and chairs are definitely furniture that is mainly used in daily life for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for carrying out many other activities.

It is not strange to find children kneeling on chairs in a kitchen with their homework resting on the table where they have just had a snack. It is completely normal to see a professional working on a computer in a restaurant or bar after eating a meal.

It is evident that a designer dining table and chairs, in addition to having refined aesthetics, must be designed to be durable, versatile and comfortable.

When looking for furniture, special attention must be paid to these elements, because in addition to being beautiful objects to show off, they are also subjected to greater stress every day.

This applies even more when thinking about the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. A modern dining table set for hotels and restaurants, especially for the medium/high end, must have features that determine its value:

  • Quality materials
  • Elegant design
  • Fine finishes
  • Excellent comfort

Ergonomic seating and studied sizes allow nice sensations to be given to customers who sit at the dining table to enjoy an excellent lunch or dinner.

Modern table and chairs: design and materials.

Designer furniture must be created from an in-depth study of users’ requirements, from the search for ideal solutions and materials, to the creativity of designers.

Even the most linear tables and the simplest chairs can be the result of careful workmanship and care in the choice of materials.

The work of designers is more evident when you see sculptural tables, with an elegant structure and material surfaces that capture attention.

A table with a glistening metal top communicates strength, while one of transparent glass conveys a modern and light air to a room.

When choosing solid wood chairs and dining tables, the focus is on the warmth and the sense of familiarity that this material gives.

The design study must also provide solutions to common problems, such as the need to extend the table to make great dinners at home. Solidity and simplicity in this case are very important and designers are particularly careful in devising functional plans.

Shapes and colours are other details that must be carefully evaluated to buy modern tables and chairs that perfectly match the style of the room or the furnishings of an apartment.

In the Albaplus catalogue, the modern dining table is featured in five different models and many colour and material combinations.