Hearing the words “modern chairs” might only bring to mind minimalist and elegant designs, but here at Albaplus, we love merging aesthetics with comfort and sturdiness. Indeed, in the products page of our website, you will find our mantra: “designer chairs and sofas for everyday comfort”.

The modern chair, the fruit of experience

A true modern chair should be the result of know-how gained from the experience and work of designers who craft with the right sensitivity to achieve products that are beautiful to behold and a pleasure to use.

Chairs created with attention to detail and crafted with high-quality materials become long-lasting objects that will confer style to their settings for years to come.

Each modern chair made by Albaplus becomes a décor-defining piece, whether for a home, meeting room, restaurant, bar or hotel.

Our company’s long history, which has led us from the creation of furnishing accessories to the creation of designer tables and chairs, now allows us to create elegant seating using cutting-edge technology – all while keeping an eye on environmental sustainability.

A modern chair – in addition to being an expression of the personality and creativity of the person purchasing it – should also reflect the respect for the environment that a modern-day company should uphold at every stage of production.

Albaplus’ modern chairs for HoReCa, Commercial, Business, Living

In our company’s product catalogue, there are countless chairs to meet any type of need.

Let’s take a closer look at the modern chairs we have designed for you.

Folha: designer chair, small armchair, lounge or lounge plus armchair

Folha is a versatile chair both thanks to the three different types of frame that can be applied to the seat, and the many colour combinations available. This seat is often used in hotels and restaurants to provide comfort, elegance and personality.

Blumi: the embrace of a flower

The elegant Blumi chair designed by Shannon Sadler is available in three versions: 4-leg metal frame, 4-leg frame in solid beechwood, sled-style frame in round metal rods, 4-spoke swivel with brushed aluminium frame.

High comfort and designer elegance are the defining traits of this chair.

Otis: the designer chair with a double personality

Also designed by Shannon Sadler, Otis is a modern chair made with a seat and frame in two different, yet tastefully paired colours. It is also made with a fireproof material awarded as a high-quality material.

Socks: the chair with socks on

Daniele Borin and Mattia Vittori put fun, colourful, non-slip socks onto comfortable chairs with clean lines. Available with or without armrests, Socks are the perfect solution for both sophisticated and playful settings.

Wear: fabric and leather for an elegant chair

Wear is Albaplus' chair that can change clothes effortlessly. Available upholstered in both fabric and leather, this chair has a slim frame that makes it lightweight and easy to handle.

Ember: classic e lounge

The line of Ember chairs  by Borin and Vittori comes in two versions, classic and lounge, and proportions designed to match comfort with personal needs. Special attention was given to the choice of natural wood and quality fabrics.

Filè: leather or ecoleather for an eye-catching designer chair

The design of the Filè chair, is signed Paolo Francesco Zanotto, and is available with a high or low backrest, with or without armrests. This chair is completely upholstered in leather or ecoleather.

Ecrì: the vintage chair for a modern décor

The retro design that Zanotto used to craft this modern chair lets it match both classic and modern décors. Ecrì is available in classic 4-legs, as well as sled and swivel versions.

Man: the chair inspired by man’s figure

Inspired by the classic “V” figure of a man in shape, and with a large handle on the backrest, the Man chair is especially handy and suitable for carrying and stacking. Comfort and aesthetics are not overlooked in this model either, of course.

Woman: the chair with sinuous lines

The Woman chair, in addition to having a design clearly inspired by the female form, was designed for women and their attention to finishes and details. Made in quality materials, this chair is perfect for public areas.

Click here to discover all our modern chairs, designed for an exclusive décor, to capture and enhance the character of a setting, thanks to meticulously studied details, and a selection of high-quality materials.