Designer stools are furnishing elements that can truly make a difference. These are emblematic components that instantly bring to mind a counter at a bar or restaurant, but are often also used in workplaces, as well as seating for islands and peninsulas in home kitchens.

A row of stools can alter the atmosphere in a place, define a style precisely, give an original touch to a décor.

When selecting a designer stool, we certainly need to pay attention to:

  • Area of use
  • Material and height
  • Type of design and colour

This choice is a highly personal one: indeed, there are those who focus on appearance and those who just want a comfortable chair; those who prefer fixed stools and those who go for adjustable ones; those who love minimalist styles and those who appreciate more striking structures.

There are many options on the market, but it’s important to choose quality stools that precisely express the message we wish to convey to our guests.

There are major differences between a designer stool for our home, an office or bar. Let’s shed some light to help you make the right choice.

Where should I place designer stools?

Sometimes we take it for granted, but it’s important to stop and consider where the stools will be placed and who will use them.

Kitchen stools mainly need to meet the expectations of the homeowners, but if they are to be used in an office, then we have to keep the needs of those working in mind, in addition to an attractive aesthetic.

When stools are an integral part of the décor in a HoReCa setting, then we need to think carefully about the type of client who will sit on them and, even before then, will see them before reaching the counter.

If an adjustable-height, swivel stool can be just right in some work settings, or confer a special touch to a kitchen, at a restaurant they might be too uncomfortable precisely because they shift too much.

Instead, if we consider a heavy and sturdy wooden bar or pub stool, it will certainly convey a sense of safety, but it will certainly not be the best choice for an office where employees will have to sit for hours.

In a public area, where there is a constant rotation of clients sitting on the stools, the following are equally important:

  • Visual impact
  • Seat comfort
  • Sturdiness

What materials are the best designer stools made of?

Let’s start by saying that a designer stool must be built with high quality materials, that can ensure durability and reliability.

Starting with metals, we can choose between more lightweight stools with frames in aluminium or rely on steel when weight is secondary, but we still want a sturdy product.

Plastics are used for their lightweight qualities and transparency, in generally informal settings where a bit more flair is desirable.

Wood is often used by companies to make stools because it is easy to shape in order to achieve linear or elaborate forms; it is a solid material and it can be finished in many colours.

Especially in the case of bars and restaurants, it is necessary that the materials used for the stools are easy to clean and ensure a good compromise between design, sturdiness and low weight.

Naturally, the height of the stools is something that should always be given great consideration, as it can affect a client’s experience positively or negatively, whether they’re eating at a restaurant table or sipping a cocktail at a lounge bar.

Design and colours alter a setting

Purchasing stools in a vintage or modern style means conferring a clear tone onto the settings where they will be placed.

The combinations of colours and designs are truly endless, and we can play by highlighting a location’s style or creating spots to direct the eyes to.

Very often, stools with a classic look are used to confer a touch of warmth to eccentric or modern settings. Again, for contrast, antique furniture is placed alongside slim and colourful stools to “soften” a look.

Instead, when a location has a well-defined style, such as the bar of a luxury hotel or an Irish pub, we can simply choose designer stools that blend perfectly with the décor.

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