Chairs are one of the furnishing elements that must combine comfort and design. They come in every type and material, but the ones to pick, in general, must be both beautiful and functional.

Whether for a private home, a public place or particular work environments, the choice of chair can make the difference.

To make the right choice, we have to think of:

  • The setting the chairs will be in
  • The materials they are made in
  • The atmosphere we wish to create in this setting

Personal style should also shine through in the choice of chair, while always keeping in mind those who will use it.

The right chairs for different settings.

Chairs come in many different forms and materials. The choice is endless, but the first thing to consider when purchasing chairs is that the design must match the setting they will be placed in and the elements already in it.

Choosing chairs for the home or a restaurant are two very different things. In the first case, personal style is the driving element when making the choice. In the second, the premise’s patrons and their features must be taken into consideration.

Adding modern-style chairs in a rustic kitchen certainly requires a great deal of attention to the choice of materials, but can reflect a creative flair.

It's personal taste that drives a preference for contrasting elements, such as coloured chairs around a rough wooden table, or more compatible solutions, such as metal chairs for an industrial-style setting.

A restaurant that only needs to replace the chairs must combine the sturdiness, design and comfort the customers were used to.

The material makes the style.

We can find chairs in leather, wood, metal and plastic on the market. Even the choice of materials establishes the effect we wish to give to our furnishings.

Designer chairs in quality wood, upholstered in fine fabrics, in the office of a company manager, instantly convey the style of those who picked them.

Wooden stools in a vintage design, lined up against the counter of a bar or a kitchen peninsula, instantly give off a sense of sturdiness and warmth.

Modern or classic chairs: what atmosphere are you going for?

The sensations we feel when entering a room are due to everything surrounding us. The colours of the walls, the furniture, furnishings and accessories—all contribute to creating the desired atmosphere. This reasoning applies to chairs as well.

Just think of a large room in a restaurant or hotel, where the tables have a clean mise en place with few elements, with tablecloths and napkins in soft colours.

Surrounding the tables with chairs in a classic design will yield a refined atmosphere, whereas if the chairs were in red leather, the visual impact would be much stronger.

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