Black designer chairs

With their innate refinement, black designer chairs bring a singular touch of glamour to rooms

If you want to add a strong note of personality and style to a room, black designer chairs could be a wise choice. As they integrate perfectly in very different contexts they can contribute, if used in the right way, to creating a chic, cosy atmosphere in a living room or kitchen, or to giving class and character to a workplace. If used carefully in the right proportions, black can provide a room with an uncommon aura of elegance, intimacy and distinction.


Keyword: harmony
However, in order to achieve this result, when we use coloured designer chairs we must take care to make sure they look good with the rest of the décor: walls, upholstery, tables, light fittings and decorative items. It is essential to gauge everything well to avoid an atmosphere that’s too sombre or dark: this is to some extent facilitated by the fact that black is a neutral colour, which means it matches easily with many shades.

Elegant, evocative contrasts
An excellent match is with white and wood, with which black coordinates perfectly, producing daring, evocative chromatic effects: the contrast of black designer chairs with, for example, white walls and complementary items and a glossy black table, creates a trendy, minimal effect; on the other hand, coordinating black with a décor that features wood links tradition and modernity, creating a warm atmosphere that makes a definite statement.

Transgression and sobriety
Black designer chairs are also suitable for situations where something a little more daring is desired: in such cases they can coordinate with bright colours, such as pink, orange or red, to provide a courageous, youthful touch without renouncing refinement. However, if a clear contrast of black and white or ‘transgressive’ mixing and matching of brighter colours appear too much in a given context, the solution can be found in more delicate combinations that coordinate chairs in lighter colours such as shades of grey or beige.

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