Albaplus has years of experience in metalwork for the furniture trade. From cutting to welding and surface nishes, we run all our activities directly from our facilities at San Zenone degli Ezzellini (Treviso), which house our main production machinery, including constantly updated, technologically advanced laser cutters and benders. Steel and aluminium are the two main metals we work with. In particular, steel is used for the frames of chairs, which can be swivel or with four legs, or have sled- type bases, as well as stools and tables. The most common pro les we use are round or rectangular pipe and rod, which is coned or tapered. Surface nishing such as chrome-plating, painting, brass-plating and brushing make our products attractive and durable. Aluminium is used for its light weight, so that our products are manageable and practical in use. Here in Albaplus we are particularly fond of this material because it is easy to work, seconding the creativity of our designers in providing new, original shapes and patterns. We work aluminium by extrusion and casting, producing an anodised version of some of our products. This treatment gives metal an opalised nish and makes it rust resistant. The models we make in aluminium include: Blumi, Ecrì and Otis swivel chairs; the Polì table and the extensions for Latius and Mitt tables.

cromo nero
Cromo nero
nichel spazzolato
Nichel spazzolato
verniciato bianco
Verniciato bianco
verniciato antracite
Verniciato antracite
verniciato antracite goffrato
Verniciato antracite goffrato
verniciato grigio
Verniciato grigio
alluminio anodizzato
Alluminio anodizzato